Lycopene Benefits And Why It’s Good For You!

Many of you may well have heard of lycopene and the benefits it can offer, but there are many more that still need an introduction to this extremely powerful antioxidant. So, let’s get to it!

What exactly is it?Lycopene

You will hear and read the term ‘phytochemical’ when this excellent antioxidant is being discussed or reviewed. In basic terms phytochemical means a chemical which is found in plants.

Your body produces it, and it is also found in red colored fruits and vegetables. It is this substance which is responsible for their color.

Good examples are; watermelon, grapefruit and tomatoes.

The most common source

This is from tomatoes, and while fresh tomatoes are good, cooked tomatos are even better. Think spaghetti sauce, tomato paste or tomato sauce.

The reason for this is that it is not water soluble and therefore your body does not absorb it as effectively in its raw form. When cooked it becomes far easier to digest.

What benefits does it offer?

This powerful antioxidant really should not be underestimated. A host of studies have linked it to reducing certain cancers and helping to prevent heart attacks.Antioxidants

In terms of prostate health it is linked with helping the many men who suffer from these all too common problems.

Prostate problems

Prostate problems are a massive health issue for men. Any male in his late forties and onwards is more likely to have some form of prostate problem than not. Figures show that one in two men aged 50 years and over will suffer, and an astonishing 70 to 90 pct of men aged over 80 will have such problems.

Lycopene will be a great help to you when used on a regular basis.

Common symptoms that indicate a prostate problem;

Your prostate gland is located in an area which is not the easiest when it comes to detecting problems, but if you start to encounter some of the following symptoms an early visit to your G.P. is highly recommended.

We will start with what is widely seen as the most common sign; this is when you find your sleep interrupted and you have to get up to urinate several times a night.

When you do go to the bathroom you find difficulty in starting to urinate.

Although you feel you are ‘finished’ you continue to ‘dribble’ after urinating.

When you are urinating the stream is not a constant one. It starts then stops.

Some men feel a burning sensation, while others see a discharge from the penis.

You feel pains in your lower back and thighs.

These problems on their own do not mean you are suffering from a prostate problem, but the earlier you get things checked out the better. Early detection makes treatment that much easier.

Side effects

This is yet another positive. As long as you follow the dosage instructions there are no particular side effects you need worry about. Even though there is wide spread use of this supplement there have been no safety concerns associated with it’s use. It should be noted that adverse reactions can occur ingesting to much of anything so always follow the directions. Use caution if you  are allergic to foods contain this carotenoid compound.

Well worth it for one thing alone, but you get a whole lot more!

When we age the natural bone loss that occurs is knocked out of balance by free radicals that cause the loss of bone to exceed the bone formation. This is the cause of having brittle bones or what is more commonly know as osteoporosis.

The lycopene benefits are the antioxidant qualities that help keep the free radicals in check.

Whether you have a specific problem which lycopene can help with or not, it is most certainly worth regularly taking a supplement for its highly powerful antioxidant benefits alone.